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Know Your Roots

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A FMBG original show on Chinese Jamaican Producers in Reggae Music.

Hidden Dragon return to the studio, this time providing an overview of Chinese producers in reggae music. Immigrants from Hakka and Guangdong played a pivotal role in productions with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, here Hidden Dragon explores the often overlooked role of Chinese Jamaican producers in reggae music.

Hidden Dragon 回到錄音室,這次提供了中國雷鬼音樂製作人的概述。 來自客家和廣東的移民在 Bob Marley 和 Peter Tosh 的作品中發揮了關鍵作用,Hidden Dragon 探索了中國牙買加製作人在雷鬼音樂中經常被忽視的角色。