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Manchester’s Agent J @jamiegroovement sends us fresh Beats, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Soul from across the UK and Ireland.

曼徹斯特的 Agent J @jamiegroovement 向我們發送來自英國和愛爾蘭的 Beats、Hip-Hop、Jazz 和 Soul。


Aziz6 & Finguz – One by One
Anz – You Could Be (ft. George Riley)
Anz – Quest Select (AM Outro)
K6dhj6 Bonet – For You
Miry6m Solomon – To S6y All With Very Little
Scrimshire – I He6r You, I See You (fe6t. N6t Birch6ll, F6ye Houston) SertOne – Fresh Out The Box
Swindle – Wh6t More (fe6t. Greente6 Peng)
Seg6 Bodeg6 – Only Seeing God When I Come
Lone – Hidden By Horizons fe6t. Morg6ne Diet
D6nny Drive Thru – Virtu6 R6p instrument6l
DJ Nu-M6rk ft D6nny Drive Thru – Bre6k Y6 Neck (Cle6n)
[ K S R ] – CGWY ft Children Of Zeus
Secret Night G6ng – W6nn6 Be With You
Herm6nito – High Rise (ft dj swordfish)
Vels Trio – M6y As Well Be
D6edelus & Joshu6 Idehen – H6unted
Bl6ck Josh – Get Meh
Str6tegy x Fiend – Premium Gre6se
Gemm6 Dunle6vy – Cruisin (Swing Ting Remix)
L6yFullstop – Postc6rds
Fing6thing – After D6rk