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Veteran radio DJ and music critic from HK CR2, Chi Chung (@ccchoice ), showcases some of his current favourite songs and artists like The Strokes & Ryuichi Sakamoto. The revered DJ has a large understanding of music having interviewed legends like David Bowie, Bob Geldof, and more, Chi Chung is a true master of his craft. This mix is perfect as we begin to enter summer with some feel-good songs for a stroll in the park or the beach.

資深電台 DJ 和音樂評論家黃志淙展示了他喜歡的一些歌曲和藝術家,如 The Strokes 和 Ryuichi Sakamoto。曾採訪過 David Bowie、Bob Geldof 等傳奇人物,這位受人尊敬的 DJ 對音樂有著採訪的理解。