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Dark Disco

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Italo disco specialist Guido Balboa takes a break from the genre he knows too well, to explore more somber territories with his ‘Dark Disco w/ Guido Balboa’ show. Having released previously on Fauve Records alongside other indie labels, the selector takes his dynamic sets from Minh and FuFu parties to FM BELOWGROUND for his first show.

Italo Disco 專家 Guido Balboa 從他熟悉的音樂類型中休息一下,通過他的“Dark Disco w/ Guido Balboa”節目探索更多陰暗的領域。之前在 Fauve Records 與其他獨立唱片公司一起發行的選擇器將他從 Minh 和 FuFu 派對的設置帶到 FM BELOWGROUND 進行他的第一場演出。