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Jun Miyake

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Jun Miyake is a highly decorated Japanese composer. His songs “Lilies in the Valley” and “The Here and After” were both used in the movie Pina which was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary featurette in 2012. “Lillies in the Valley” was also used in Sacai’s Spring/Summer show in Paris. Other notable works like “Stolen from Strangers”, “Lost Memory Theatre act-1”, and “Lost Memory Theatre act-2” were all awarded by the German critic’s award  “Der Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik” as Best Album of the Year”. Jun Miyake’s work has reached and inspired different mediums of art from fashion, music, and movies. 

The entire vibe of BELOWGROUND will be a blend of all different kinds of artistic mediums and cultures. From fashion, music, paintings, and more you can come and expose yourself to inspirations that you may have never encountered before.
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