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MLCH aka Digger’s Delight offers a 2 hour trip mixing the musical groove of 2 different countries.

From club nights like Suara Disko by Diskoria to icons like Indo disco musician Fariz RM, Indonesia groove covers a wide array of sounds that bridge funk, pop & disco. In MLCH’s recent “World Exchange” show, he takes us to spacey breaks and swanky Bahasa vocals, tune in.
從像 Diskoria 的 Suara Disko 的俱樂部之夜到像 Indo disco 音樂家 Fariz RM 的偶像,印度尼西亞的 Groove 涵蓋了各種各樣的聲音,將 funk、pop & disco 融為一體。在 MLCH 最近的“World Exchange”節目中收聽。
Hot off the heals from a series of PITCH events he’s been hosting, MLCH steps back into the studio for a blend of Canto and Mandarin pop from the ’80s, again showcasing his versatility in blending genres across decades.
從他主持的一系列 PITCH 活動中恢復過來後,MLCH 回到錄音室,將 80 年代的粵語和普通話流行音樂融合在一起。
Rhythmic groove paired with culture, tune into part 2 of @fufu.mlch ‘s West African ‘World Exchange’ segment on FMBG. Feel the vibe with songs like “Afra Kakraba” and “Simigwa-Do” by Gyedu-Blay Ambolley.

在 FMBG 上收聽 @fufu.mlch 西非 “World Exchange”,感受 Gyedu-Blay Ambolley 的“Afra Kakraba”和“Simigwa-Do”之類曲目的氛圍。
@fufu.mlch returns with a groovy selection of West African music for another episode of ‘World Exchange’. From songs like “Atwe Wo Tsir” by Gyedu-Blay Ambolley to “No Condition is Permanent” by Marijata, enjoy this uplifting set!

@fufu.mlch 為另一集“World Exchange”帶來了精選的西非音樂。從 Gyedu-Blay Ambolley 的“Atwe Wo Tsir”到 Marijata 的“No Condition is Permanent”,享受這個令人振奮的混音吧!
Kick off your day with 1.5 hours of east coast hip-hop as @fufu.mlch hits the FM Decks once more. Playing classic underground songs from legends of the likes of Redman’s “Tonight’s the Night”. Listen in to the sixth episode of ‘World Exchange’ for some nostalgic boom bap.

以 1.5 小時的東岸嘻哈開始您的一天, @fufu.mlch 再次登上錄音室。 播放來自 Redman 的“Tonight’s the Night”等傳奇人物的經典歌曲。 收聽“World Exchange”的第六集,感受一下懷舊的熱潮。
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