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Club Kowloon

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Photo: Abdela Igmirien
Photo: Abdela Igmirien

Founded Club Kowloon in 2017 a Hong Kong based art, music and lifestyle company – promoting underground music and organising events. With the aim of breaking up the pre-existing hierarchy of the small HK underground scene, Club Kowloon is opening up for new and interesting collaborations with a different angle.

The musical output of CK is firmly positioned within house, techno and minimal – inspired by the European groove-driven, steady and well curated sounds and parties. As the name suggests, Club Kowloon focuses on the Kowloon (mainland) side of Hong Kong – a city where most parties and events happens on Hong Kong Island. CK is establishing a mixed local and international scene based on freedom of expression, the combining of music and arts, collaboration between talented designers, DJs and VJs, and a concentration on the local community.

Club Kowloon has organised parties in Hong Kong, Spain, Romania and Norway. With a fast growing local and international presence, Club Kowloon is becoming a platform for new, old and up-and-coming artists rooted in the land of the nine dragons.