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INNERSOUND radio unravels the thought process behind artists and musicians alike. Hosted by Jerry Haha

cehryl is a Hong Kong based singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist. For this episode of INNERSOUND, Jerry and cehryl chat about new year updates, rice cake, indie music and memes. The artist brings in music from Prince, Blood Orange, Elliott Smith, JPEGMAFIA and more. Tune in for all the meme talk.
cehryl 是香港歌手、詞曲作人、製作人和音樂人。在本集 INNERSOUND 中,Jerry 和 cehryl 對談了新年、年糕、獨立音樂和 meme。這位音樂人帶來了 Prince、Blood Orange、Elliott Smith、JPEGMAFIA 等的音樂。
Delf, is a music producer and sound artist based out of New York, USA. The Hong Kong native’s music explores genres and cultures in search of sounds that are both familiar and modern, blending off-beat rhythms, and textural soundscapes with a dash of soul.

Co-hosting the latest episode of INNERSOUND, sharing his experience and influences in his 2 years spend in New York. Delf is back and ready to chop down more beats and production in his hometown.

Delf 是美國紐約的音樂製作人。這位香港的製作人探索各種流派和文化,融合了不合拍的節奏和帶有靈魂的音景。
共同主持最新一集的 INNERSOUND,分享他在紐約度過 2 年的經歷和影響。 Delf 回來了,準備在他的家鄉製作更多的節拍和音樂。

LA based photographer, Kelly Hebestreit co-hosted INNERSOUND 006 on [@fmbelowground]( The photographer unveiled her love for 90s dreampop, punk sounds and a selection of Japanese grooves. Featuring tracks from POiSON GiRL FRiEND, Shintaro Sakamoto, Janet Jackson and conversations of their relationship with John Mayer.

洛杉磯攝影師 Kelly Hebestreit 在 @fmbelowground 上共同主持了 INNERSOUND 006。這位攝影師展示了她對 90 年代 Dreampop、punk sounds 和精選的Japanese grooves。收錄了 POiSON GiRL FRiEND、坂本慎太郎、Janet Jackson的曲目以及他們與John Mayer的關係。

INNERSOUND 006 features my recent favourite tunes
Singer-songwriter, vocalist, and producer @sophysophyw co-hosted INNERSOUND 005 on @fmbelowground The artist unveiled her love for soul/R&B and a selection of atmospheric sounds. Featuring tracks from @bjork , @fkatwigs @sampha @sabrinaclaudio etc. Showcasing the inspiration behind the artist’s work.

香港唱作歌手兼製作人@sophysophyw在@fmbelowground上共同主持了INNERSOUND 005。這位藝術家分享了她對soul/R&B的熱愛以及精選的atmospheric sounds。曲目來自@bjork,@fkatwigs,@sampha,@sabrinaclaudio等等。揭開了SOPHY作品背後的創作靈感。
INNERSOUND 004 was co-hosted by @p1sswass3r , featuring tracks from 意色樓, Xper.Xr to Deli Girls. Michael walked us through 70 minutes of punk and experimental sounds, showing us his old and new favorites.

INNERSOUND 004由 @p1sswass3r 共同主持,曲目從意色樓,XPER.XR到DELI GIRLS。MICHAEL為我們帶來了70分鐘的PUNK和EXPERIMENTAL SOUNDS,向我們展示了他的新和舊興趣。

For the third episode, DJ FRECKLES aka @jerryhahaa caught up with artist and singer @gigiicheung . Gigi shared her love for movie soundtracks, ranging from “Just Like Honey” by The Jesus and Mary Chain to “潛龍勿用” by Nicolaus Tse, breaking down their impact to the artist’s music career.

第三集,DJ FRECKLES aka @jerryhahaa 邀請了歌手 @gigiicheung 分享了她對電影原聲的熱愛。從The Jesus and Mary Chain的”Just Like Honey ”到謝霆鋒的“潛龍勿用”,都打破了它們對其歌手事業的影響。

Innersound is a reoccurring production curated by one of FM BELOWGROUND’s own technicians, DJ FRECKLES aka @jerryhahaa . Tune in for tracks like “Love Means Taking Action” by Croatian Amor, “Siege” by dean blunt, and “胡思亂想” by Faye Wong.

Innersound是由FM BELOWGROUND的製作人DJ FRECKLES aka @jerryhahaa 策劃的節目。節目包含了 Croatian Amor的“Love Means Taking Action”,dean blunt的“Siege”和王菲的“胡思亂想”等曲目。
Mastermind behind @tokyovitamin , @vickokada breaks down the unlikely connection between Tokyo biker gangs and rap music, and how this led to a partnership between Nobuhiko Kitamura of cult label Hysteric Glamor with him and Verdy.

INNERSOUND電台揭開藝術家和音樂人背後的創作過程。 第一集,DJ Freckles邀請到tokyovitamin主腦Vick Okada對談東京機車幫派、說唱音樂到北村信彥的品牌Hysteric Glamour之間的聯繫。
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