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Our own Arthur Yeti asks the important questions. Delving deep with a wide range of special guests though the question of First & Last.

For this episode of F&L, longstanding HK DJ Daryll Griggs shares stories from the ’90s; how his residency at Joe Bananas Wanchai led to him frequenting The Neptunes, Hong Kong’s underground hub also know for its free-spirited “summer of love” parties where DJ Christian and Lee Burridge’s all-night dance parties influenced the DJ’s love for breakbeat and club music.

For this episode of First & Last, @arthur.bray invites legendary Hong Kong impresario Andrew Bull to the show. From his time running parties in the height of 80s Canto Disco era to residencies at Disco Disco and the infamous ‘97 handover rave, DJ El Toro dives deep into HK’s club scene from the yesteryears and provides a special 4×4 guest mix.
Gary (@garynoisy )discusses the origins of his independent record store, @white_noise_records . Located on Tai Nan Street, he dives into how the pandemic has affected his strategy of staying niche. To round off the show, Gary shares 5 vinyls he’s been playing on repeat.

Gary (@garynoisy )討論了他的獨立唱片店 @white_noise_records 的起源。他位於大南街,深入探討疫情如何影響唱片店。Gary更分享了他一直在重複收聽的 5 張黑膠唱片。

 – the mastermind behind community label @awakenewyorkclothing , talks to FM BELOWGROUND host @arthur.bray about the principles behind his ever-evolving project. From collaborations to work ethics, the podcast covers a bevy of industry topics, including what he learnt from his 10+ years working as brand director at Supreme.

服裝品牌 @awakenewyorkclothing 背後的主腦 @angelobaque 與 @arthur.bray 對談該品牌背後的原則。涵蓋從合作以及在不同情況下適應的主題。收聽Angelo’s喜歡的一些曲目,如Mos Def的“Ms. Fat Booty”到 Westside Gunn 的“Elizabeth”。
he Hu is a Mongolian folk fock / heavy metal band that mixes modern sounds with traditional Mongolian instruments like the Morin Kuuhr, Tovshuur and Mongolian throat singing. Referring to their style as “hunnu rock” they are heavily influenced by the ancient Hunnu Mongol Empire. Listen to them & others in our recent “Asian Folk Metal” w/ our host Peter.

The Hu是一支Mongolian folk fock / heavy 樂隊,將現代聲音與傳統的蒙古樂器如Morin Kuuhr,Tovshuur和蒙古歌聲混合在一起。他們稱其為“Hunnu Rock”,深受古代匈奴蒙古帝國的影響。在Peter的最新“Asian Folk Metal”中聆聽蒙古的聲音。
We catch up with @pleasures founder @ayejames for the “First & Last” show to learn about life under qurrantine, new music, and upcoming projects with Factory Records and The New Order.

今回的”First & Last”我們跟洛杉磯品牌Pleasures的創立人Alex James對談關於音樂、隔離生活至到未來合作單位Factory Records和The New Order的創作靈感。有興趣的讀者們可以上到FM BELOWGROUND Mixcloud收聽。
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